Vision Statement

If you have not yet read our about us section, we strongly recommend that you do, we want you to understand and be part of the vision. 

In The Beginning, There Was Fashion

Selling fashion apparels is just the beginning of our beautiful journey. We decided to start with fashion apparels because we believe that quality clothes can seriously improve your mood, your confidence, and how you feel about yourself. Fashion, in essence, is a tool that can be utilized to our own advantage. We don’t have to just look good, we want you to  also feel good. Additionally, we fully understand the struggle brought by the limited availability of quality clothing for women with curves. We decided to narrow our focus and cater to the neglected groups. In doing so, we committed to the idea of delivering the best possible experience to you, our customer. 

Moving Beyond Fashion, Enter The Marketplace 

Once we are established and stable, we want to start focusing on collaborating with brands that create quality products benefiting the plus-size mommy community. These brands will have to meet our quality and authenticity guideline in order to ensure that you receive the best quality and experience. We’ll be expanding from fashion and creating a whole marketplace packed with quality products for your own betterment, and happiness. This will be an exciting phase in our long journey as we will be opening our doors to creative and authentic brands who believe in what we believe. And the best part is that we will be giving power to you, the plus size mommy community! You decide who gets to sell and who doesn’t on our platform based on the quality of their products. Yes we’re giving you that power, we are a community after all, and all of our voices shall be heard. But we won’t be stopping just there, we’ll also be preparing subscription boxes filled with your favorite products to make your life much more efficient. 

Building a Strong & Interactive Family

Our legacy is authenticity. What makes us authentic is not only the products we sell and the quality of our customer service, it’s also how we make you feel. Our ultimate goal is to build a strong and interactive family for the plus-size mommy community. A family that we can rely on for advice on life, work or relationship. A family that we can rely on when we need feedback, share ideas, knowledge, opportunities and so much more. As mothers, our growth never stops, every day we grow stronger, wiser, better. Let’s grow better together because when we’re doing good, we can be better for the people we love, we can be better parents, better entrepreneurs, better business owners, better professionals, better people, better parents.